Ana by Upswing is a human-driven SMS assistant that delivers students the text-based empathy and support they need when they need it.  

The Problem

One of the biggest challenges colleges face is connecting students to the resources they need exactly when they need them. Traditional support methods like office hours and campus tutoring centers don’t always fit the diverse needs of today’s students. Non-traditional students are often isolated and hesitate to ask for help. This creates an ongoing problem for colleges—ensuring support is available when students truly need it. This directly impacts engagement and ultimately retention.


The Solution

Ana offers a comprehensive text messaging solution for administrators to effectively communicate with students and connect them to essential resources. Using data-driven campaigns, administrators can gain insights into student trends and challenges while saving time and reducing their workload.

Ana’s campaigns are adaptable to each institution’s goals, and Upswing support provides human assistance to handle inquiries and escalate critical issues promptly, ensuring personalized student engagement and support.

Ana Is Proven to Deliver Results

of students who interact with Ana reuse it

average increase in graduation rate

overall increase in student engagement


Ana Can Send Weekly Messages to Students

  • Encouragement
  • Campus reminders
  • Resources 
  • Surveys 
  • Early intervention opportunities 

What Can Ana Do for You?

  • Drive student retention efforts
  • Increase engagement and usage of resources
  • Create connection and empathy with students
  • Provide more early intervention opportunities
  • Receive real-time and actionable student data
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Ana Landing Page Testimonials (6)

Meet Your Students Where They Are

Schedule a demo today and experience firsthand how Ana’s data-driven campaigns and personalized support can revolutionize student engagement at your institution.